Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Journal of A Bruised Soul

*Not A True Story* *13+*


I was in the principles office when the questions began, where were you for the past 2 days, how come you have a black eye, did u get into a fight? With all the eyes on me the teachers just couldn't ignore it, i was never one to fight yet i was always bruised. My name is Daryln, I am 14 years old and from now on i am writing my days down so if i die my journal will tell the world what she did.

Today was a horrible day, i lied through my teeth as the questions rang though "I was in the city and two girls jumped me." They didnt buy it, they had seen me bruised before and couldn't ignore it the second time around. Once they wouldnt get any answers out of me they let me go back to class. It was 4th period and i had gym, i skipped out halfway as i usually do so i can just sit alone in  the bathrooms with my thought for awhile. The bell rang and i walked home fast, i didnt want to go home but always have 15 miutes to get home, rain or shine. It was raining hard so i when i got home i was soaked. i took off my shoes and coat in the porch, and there she was. Standing there in her perfect blue dress and freshly done hair and nails. She looked pissed. i knew it was coming so turned my back as she approached. I felt the blow on my left shoulder blade. I could barley make out her words but i remeber hearing 'YOU LITTLE B**CH!' Then she hit me in the back of the head with something cold and hard. Everything went black, and i just woke up in my room. I was sprawled on my floor with my coat and book bag thrown in a wet heap right by me. My back and head aches, im to tired to look in the mirror and see the damage she has done so im going to sleep.

DAY 2   

I woke up about 10 minutes late this morning, only to find a note on my mirror. It said "I called the school and told them you weren't feeling well. See you around 2" well at least i was alone. I looked like crap though, my eye was turning green, my shoulder was all black and purple and i have a lump on the back of my head. Im going to take a shower, eat some toast, and do my homework. Hopefully mom comes home in a good mood today.

When mom got home today, she was strangly nice. She bought us some sushi for lunch and got me a new purse that probally cost more than my laptop. She went upstairs because she had some calls to make, i decided  to watch Jersey Shore to kill some time so it was turned up a bit.
 She came down stairs and went into the kitchen and moved some stuff, i dont know i heard banging and the back door open and then slam closed, i could hear the high heels she threw onto the floor. She started yelling about how those shoes were worth more than my life, thats when i ran up to my hidy hole, where i am now. Its like a small cave i made in my closet, i took a couple dark sheets and covered a small area that held our central vaccum,its gone now. I cleaned it up and put a light in here for me to hide from her. i hear her out there, shes calling my name in that same voice you use to coax your prey. I just want to forget about her and pass out, i fell asleep lots in here as a kid so i finally left a bottle of water and a blanket in there, as close as i ever get to camping out, she will tire herself out then i will creep to bed, so goodnight adn hopefully im here in the morning.